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Our Engineering Design Services

An expert engineering team can find solutions to the technical details that allow the product you touch and interact with to meet marketing, regulatory and user’s requirements with reasonable manufacturing cost and quality expectations.

Evaluating and Testing a Design

Engineering analysis tools enable low cost simulations of the high value and higher risk features of your design before expensive prototyping starts. The engineering team evaluates one or more configurations for the new product. The goal is to examine and find design solutions that best manage temperature, stress, moving parts and other potential obstacles to an effective product. With 3D computer modeling, interference checking can all be evaluated, and the computer based assembly models of the product variants can be revised and refined quickly with the latest 3D CAD design simulation tools.

Expert Engineering Team - Saves You Time and Money

We are an experienced creative team of designers, engineers and manufacturing specialists hired by Corporations, Start Ups and Entrepreneurs to define and develop their new product ideas. Technical products have hundreds of parts that require careful planning to integrate them into a single complex and reliable assembly. As our design team examines different product concepts, we consider many options as possible. Our expert team will guide you in selection of lower risk and higher customer impact options.

Our senior engineering team leads the project management process to make sure production considerations are met. The end result is you proceed faster through product development to manufacturing and to the market. Studies have shown that 70 percent of a products cost is locked in during the early product concept configuration and selection decisions. Consider the value of hiring an integrated engineering design team to help you select the best concept from design, manufacturing and business viewpoints to improve your chances at a successful solution the first time through.

Simulation Studies - Early Stage Evaluation of Options

Risk assessment is the primary driver for investing in CAD simulation analysis. Smaller packages, faster electronics and mobile products are all pushing the boundaries of design and constraints of the physical world. Small packages with high heat requirements are an increasing challenge. Objects spinning fast, innovative lighting requirements and stronger, lighter-weight housings are common requests associated with new products.

There are two types of CAD simulations that are possible at the early stage of planning a product design.

System Level Analysis– helps make basic choices between very different options for a new product design. This modeling can be done in a few days.

Detailed Simulations – are carefully modelled geometry representations of part or all of a product. Experimental data is generally required to set baselines and confirm validity of model before variations can be explored. This detailed modeling can take several weeks of effort.

Protecting the Sensitive Components in a Product

The structure that holds together the many parts inside a product needs to be carefully created so the structural housing and/or backbone can do what it has to and be made for a reasonable cost. The engineering team is required to figure out materials and a manufacturing process best suited for each of the parts in a product. Every part has different requirements and the product, as a whole, has to survive Mother Nature and the demanding user.

Technical Products, Mechanisms and Reverse Engineering

Designers take ideas from product already in the market. The key to finding reliable solutions to mechanical challenges is using the wide variety of information and experts for those who know where to look. Keeping the risk low on a product design involves using existing non-proprietary solutions as much as possible while providing the WOW factor for the innovative features of the new product design.

Our Engineering Services include:

  • Engineering concept development and tolerance specifications
  • Engineering data collection and analysis
  • Manufacturing feasibility for parts and assembly
  • Prototyping and production tooling review and approvals
  • Product Packaging creation and requirements (functional and regulatory)

  • Our company and staff are certified with the Professional Engineers of Ontario and with ACIDO Certified Industrial Designers of Ontario.

Part of our integrated, full range of product development services.