GoldenEar Technology - Client Story

High Fidelity Audio Loudspeakers


In the summer of 2010, when Sandy Gross, co-founder of two of the most successful speaker lines in the history of the audio industry, announced the launch of a new loudspeaker company, GoldenEar Technology, he needed an exceptional design partner. He turned to Design 1st to help launch their highly anticipated “blockbuster” of a company and products.


A golden ear is someone who hears exceptionally well. The GoldenEar product portfolio embodies revolutionary engineering, while adhering to the standards of superb sonic performance, elegant styling and exceptional value. The appeal to discerning buyers is the delivery of sound far more exciting and clearly more desirable than homogenized, mass-market products that have overtaken the speaker market. Already well practiced in the art of loudspeaker development, the GoldenEar team had acoustic engineering in house but needed Design 1st to solve the technically challenging aspects of the speakers’ physical design.


Design 1st developed the products’ branding and provided the physical design solutions, resulting in the creation of the look of the products that would maximize the outer value of what the customer would see in the GoldenEar systems. As an example, careful attention was applied to the sleek design of the award-winning SuperCinema speakers which were shaped to match the look and thinness of new LCD tvs. The Triton Two towers, also award winners, were designed to ensure they brought a level of elegance to any listening environment. In close collaboration with GoldenEar acoustic engineers, Design 1st created the ground-breaking cast-basket upper bass/midrange drivers that would deliver the room shaking sound that only the GoldenEar speaker systems can provide.


An adept businessman, Sandy realized the benefit of being able to dial up an industrial design partner as he needed them, avoiding the overhead of keeping internal specialized resources on staff. In the end, Design 1st offered more than just industrial design expertise. They provided a wide range of services to the start-up including rendered images of the products you see on the website and in the brochures and acted as a sounding board when needed. Combining art and engineering is a careful balance of talent, team and experience. Success comes through recognition by others and GoldenEar products have been winning numerous awards for their innovation and design. This is in large part due to the collaboration created by the GoldenEar/Design 1st partnership.

Company Profile

GoldenEar Technology creates high fidelity audio equipment, specifically loudspeakers and loudspeaker systems. GoldenEar’s founders and their engineering team have literally hundreds of years of combined experience and have created or helped to create many of the world’s best-sounding and best-selling loudspeakers.