3D Printed Coffee Filter Holder

To fuel the creativity at Design 1st we drink coffee -- a lot of coffee.  And like many offices across the country our coffee machine of choice is Keurig.

Of course we know the Keurig coffee pods used in the machines are bad for the environment, expensive, and prone to running out on Monday mornings. But the pros of convenience for clients, tasty choices for our staff, and a cup of coffee that was always hot outweighed the cons - well, until last week...

Last week each of our 3 Keurig coffee machines received some aftermarket parts. These included bags of Kicking Horse Dark Coffee, stainless steel reusable Keurig pods, and disposable paper filters.

After a pep talk, the whole Design 1st team bought into the new coffee setup -- but there was still one problem:

Where do we store the disposable paper filters?

Placing them in the overhead cupboards proved awkward (especially for the vertically challenged staff). Leaving the whole box of 300 filters on the counter was an eyesore, and a leaning tower of filters beside our faithful Keurig machine was prone for disaster.

But over a lunch meeting, Chris (Senior Industrial Designer) came up with a solution! A 3D printed disposable keurig filter stand that would hold the filters upright.

After some quick measurements with the calipers the idea was 3D modeled using Solidworks and sent downstairs to the 3D printing the lab. See the results below:

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