$4 Million in Funds Available for Startups

Do you have an idea, product or start-up with commercial promise?

Precarn is an independent NFP (not-for-profit) company that helps support the pre-commercial development of leading-edge technologies. On April 1st, Precarn announced a influx of $4million for startups that show commercial promise.

The criteria for funding is:

  • A focus on small (2-50 person) companies and start-up companies;
  • Maximum funding is up to $100,000;
  • Maximum Precarn support is 40% of total project costs;
  • Project duration of nine months or less;  and,
  • 50% of Precarn’s contribution will be paid at midterm of the project and the remaining 50% will be paid upon project completion and receipt of the final report.

Precarn's Business Model:

Unlike other research funding programs, Precarn uses a collaborative model that includes a developer, a customer and an academic research partner in every project. This collaboration accelerates development, reduces risk and shares the cost of the R&D. In addition Precarn, provides access to an extensive national network of world-calss researchers, innovative companies and future sources of funding. To find out more about Precarn and the funding they offer visit http://www.precarn.ca today!!

The funding submission deadline is May 17, 2010. For the proposal submissions download the Precarn Funding Proposal.

Any questions? Need feedback on your idea or product?

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