GoldenEar Wins Big at 2011 CES Innovations Awards

GoldenEar Technology

“We wanted cutting edge design that would match our superb performance.
Working collaboratively with Design 1st we fully achieved our goals.“


Sandy Gross,
GoldenEar Technology

Design 1st has played a key role behind the scenes in our clients’ success. Learn more about our contribution to the launch of their products.

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A golden ear is someone who listens exceptionally well. Design 1st is recognized for possessing a superb talent of listening to its clients’ ideas and bringing them to life in the form of beautifully designed and functionally excellent products.


A compelling list of innovative entrepreneurs and companies have partnered with Design 1st to bring their products to market successfully. With a wide spectrum of skills, extensive design experience and engineering materials knowledge required to build industry-leading products; clients of Design 1st can compete against the large brand names and win! So in the summer of 2010, when Sandy Gross, co-founder of two of the most successful speaker lines in the history of the audio industry, announced the launch of a new loudspeaker company, GoldenEar Technology, Design 1st was already listening.


The GoldenEar product portfolio embodies revolutionary engineering, while adhering to the standards of superb sonic performance, elegant styling and exceptional value. The appeal to discerning buyers is the delivery of sound far more exciting and clearly more desirable than homogenized, mass-market products that have overtaken the speaker market.


Already well practiced in the art of loudspeaker development, the GoldenEar team had acoustic engineering in house. What they needed was an equally exceptional design partner to help them launch their highly anticipated “blockbuster” of a company and products. Tasked with developing the products’ branding and solving the physical design solutions, Design 1st was selected to be that partner to create the look of the products and to maximize the outer value of what the customer would see in the GoldenEar speakers. An adept businessman, Sandy realized the benefit of being able to dial up an industrial design partner as they needed them, avoiding the overhead of keeping internal resources on staff. In addition, Design 1st offered more than just industrial design expertise. They provided a wide range of services to the start-up including rendered images of the products you see on the website and in the brochures and acted as a sounding board when needed.


GoldenEar Technology’s Triton Two Tower and the SuperCinema 3 System speakers have been honored by winning the prestigious CES Design and Engineering Innovations Award. The Triton Two in the High Performance Audio category and the SuperCinema 3 in the Home Theater Speakers category. More importantly, the SuperCinema 3 award is a Best of Innovations Award which means the product won the top award in the category. These awards come quickly after the company was awarded the CustomRetailer Exc!te 2010 Award revealed at 2010 CEDIA Tradeshow in September of this year.


Design 1st is proud of its collaboration with GoldenEar Technology and suggests to bring music to your ears beautifully, visit for more information and to buy your GoldenEar speakers.


Combining art and engineering is a careful balance of talent, team and experience. Success comes in developing business oriented solutions that are beautiful, engaging and useful. We’ve got our golden ears on.


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