Adding Electronics to Mechanical Product Design

Looking back 10 years, electronics were essentially there own product category, now more so that

Now more so than every eletronics are being integrated into more and more products. For companies exisitng companies looking to venture into this product cateogry and new startups looking to build this product it can poses challenages. Especially when firms look for outside help with their product design.

For example, this could ha

10 years ago product cateogry all on theire ow

now integrated into everything

for example, a fridge has to be more than a fridge – keeping your groceries colded


NOt just sensors, and stickinga  wifi attennee on top

how and where of electronic features

how will users intract

complicating planning ” multiidiscplinary teams have to effectively communitcate

more effectivley guide a products envioriment

resistors, caaicators, that you would find in a phone

finalize form factor for eletronic interacte



larger display, with thinner, conflicting design goals. numbrous design iterations, everyone on teh team has to be able to design in a framework that is trong and flexible

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