Biomimicry: Nature is a Product Design Genius

Solving complex design challenges by studying nature is not new. Centuries ago designers tried to imitate the flapping of bird’s wings to take flight. The device at the time was called a Ornihopter and the earliest concepts date back to Leonardo da Vinci’s design in 1485. As you may be aware, the Ornihopter didn’t exactly work out as planned, and it took 4 more centuries until inventors in France got it to take flight in 1871. Now fast forward to 2014. Biomimcry – mimicking nature to solve design problems - has become both an emerging design discipline and a buzz word that embodies sustainable design. The core philosophy is that nature, through centuries of evolution, has already solved many of the complex design problems we are grappling with today. By emulating  nature and it’s strategies and solutions we can design better solutions to human problems that are both sustainable and efficient. Watch the short video below to learn more on how Biomimicry is shaping the design of products today and tomorrow:

And if you’re looking for more inspiration on how Biomimetic designs are here to stay along with dozens of examples check out Janie Benyus TED Talk video on Biomicry in Action below. In it will not only tune you into the specular design genius of mother nature but may also give you some ideas for a new product, startup or disruptive technology!

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