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The product development process is a challenging one. There are hundreds of decisions to turn inspiration into a manufacturable product. To get it right the first time you need the right combination of expertise and experience. Explore the Design 1st blog to learn what you need to know to develop successful products right the first time.

Canadian Dj Kid Koala’s Cardboard Record Player

To celebrate the launch of DJ Kid Koala's "12 Bit Blues" album release, a real working cardboard gramophone kit and record were included. The title track Distinguished Urban Rental can be played with ease once you set it up. To promote this unique release, Kid Koala produced an animated stop motion promo piece of the package design, setup and use of the mini cardboard record player! Pretty Cool we must say! Check-it out: Kid Koala Flexi Player from See Creature on Vimeo.
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Designing for Visual Impact

A critical component of product design that cannot be overlooked is the reflection of light off a products surface. For architects, light refraction is a major component of designs concepts for bridges, buildings or highway barriers. Varying the position of fold lines, edges, corners can make a seemingly thick and bulky wall look slim and sharp. In similar respect but on a much smaller scale, reflection of light plays into the design of products as well. To get sense of how industrial designer use light to their advantage check-out "The […]
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How to Design Free HDTV

When products are retired to make way for improved technology they are often cast aside to make room for newer, more efficient products.  Examples include the horse buggy, VCR Players, Cassette players, pagers – the list can go on. As new innovative products enter consumer markets they offer more for less – making their predecessors obsolete – a phenomenon commonly referred to as disruptive technology. A contradiction to this “disruptive technology” trend is the TV antenna and receiving free TV over the airwaves. Large outdoor towers, indoor wire trees were the […]
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CES 2012: Client Product Innovations

The Design 1st team arrived in Las Vegas last week for CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012 – the largest annual trade show in the US featuring 2700 Exhibitors, 150k attendees and over 1.6 Millionsquare feet of floor space. For gadget lovers, product designers and tech companies CES gives exclusive access to the hottest product debuts in consumer technology. While attendees at the CES come for many different reasons – they all have one thing in common a love for technology, innovation and gadgets. For Design 1st making the trek to CES […]
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Deckster iPod Nano Time Pierce: First Class Design Balancing User Experience + Manufacturability

Love watches, music and fashion? And have an iPod® Nano? Check out the Deckster™ - it’s a new, funky, fashionable and sustainable unisex watch strap custom built for Apple’s iPod Nano. The patent-pending Pop+Lock™ System models the functionality of a retro cassette tape deck allowing the Nano to be smoothly inserted into the protective enclosure in one easy, fluid motion to become a stylish multi-functional watch. This iWatch is fashion for the forward set and convenient carrying of the Nano for work, sports and leisure. Design 1st also likes to fast […]
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