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The product development process is a challenging one. There are hundreds of decisions to turn inspiration into a manufacturable product. To get it right the first time you need the right combination of expertise and experience. Explore the Design 1st blog to learn what you need to know to develop successful products right the first time.

The 2010 InfoComm Expedition – Las Vegas, Nevada

Year after year, the Audio Visual marketplace enthusiastically embraces the InfoComm tradeshow to make their purchasing choices, network with specialists and enhance their skills. The 2010 InfoComm - Las Vegas tradeshow provided a terrific platform for this industry interaction with over 900 exhibitors and 300 educational seminars. The thousands of Audio Visual (AV) professionals that converged for the tradeshow embodied innovation, showcasing AV technologies that pushed the boundaries of how users interact with conventional products. Design 1st staff enjoyed the excitement at InfoComm 2010, taking the opportunity to checkout new […]
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2010 Ottawa Technology Venture Challenge

Ottawa’s hi-tech community gathered for the 10th annual Technology Venture Challenge (TVC) on May 12, 2010. Started in 2000, the TVC is Ottawa’s most prestigious competition for encouraging post-secondary science students to act on their innovative ideas. From a starting point of over 20 teams in January, the event featured three finalist student teams, from Carleton University and the University of Ottawa, presenting their business case to an audience of technology executives, academics and local industry experts including Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien. Design 1st president, Kevin Bailey was among a […]
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2010 Vancouver Olympics: A Look at Innovative Design

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics showcased the creative design talent Canada has to offer. These Olympic Games provided designers, architects and engineers countless opportunities to exhibit their talent and innovation.  Whether it was the sustainable design of the Olympic medals, the engineering challenges of the torch or the artistic architecture of the podiums, Canada’s creativity shone through. Olympic Medals: The Olympic medals embodied the concept of sustainable design using end-of-life electronics for material procurement. Teck Resources harvested the gold, silver and bronze from circuit boards of old computers melting it down […]
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Welcome to the Design1st Blog

"Outstanding products are created when engineers and artists work side by side." Kevin Bailey, Founder & President At Design 1st our artists and engineers work together using the latest tools and technology to create innovative, market leading products for our clients. The range of products, clients and ideas we have worked with over the years have given us a breadth of experience and creativity.  Moving forward we have expansion plans for a  major presence in each of the metropolitian areas across Canada including; Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. This blog has been designed […]
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Strange Industrial Era Inventions

"Daring Ideas are like chessman moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game" - Johaan Wolfgang People have been building "daring ideas" since the dawn of the industrial area when inventors, manufacturers and eager consumers created an exciting market for new products. From helping people better their opera singing skills to building all terrain bicycles there has been few industries inventors have not touched. While not all of these ideas gained the commercially success the inventor hoped for they did offer a unique solution to a […]
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