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The product development process is a challenging one. There are hundreds of decisions to turn inspiration into a manufacturable product. To get it right the first time you need the right combination of expertise and experience. Explore the Design 1st blog to learn what you need to know to develop successful products right the first time.

$4 Million in Funds Available for Startups

Do you have an idea, product or start-up with commercial promise? Precarn is an independent NFP (not-for-profit) company that helps support the pre-commercial development of leading-edge technologies. On April 1st, Precarn announced a influx of $4million for startups that show commercial promise. The criteria for funding is: A focus on small (2-50 person) companies and start-up companies; Maximum funding is up to $100,000; Maximum Precarn support is 40% of total project costs; Project duration of nine months or less;  and, 50% of Precarn’s contribution will be paid at midterm of […]
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Strange Industrial Era Inventions

"Daring Ideas are like chessman moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game" - Johaan Wolfgang People have been building "daring ideas" since the dawn of the industrial area when inventors, manufacturers and eager consumers created an exciting market for new products. From helping people better their opera singing skills to building all terrain bicycles there has been few industries inventors have not touched. While not all of these ideas gained the commercially success the inventor hoped for they did offer a unique solution to a […]
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Three Reasons Why Cannabis Vaporizer Are Soaring

Legalization of cannabis has made consumers and entrepreneurs hungry for more than just munchies - they want new innovation! The result? A flurry of R&D activity to bring new cannabis tech hardware devices to market. The most popular devices are vaporizers  - those handheld devices that heat up marijuana flower, oil or extracts into vapor that can be consumed. Here are three reasons driving the investment into new cannabis vape designs and why this trend is set to continue for a while.   1) Vaping cannabis is becoming more popular […]
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