Changing Role of Industrial Design

Brian Ling - the founder, blogger and mastermind behind one of our favorite industrial design blogs put together an awesome presentation on the changing role of industrial design, way back in 2007. And it's still relevant today.   Changing Role Of Design from designsojourn

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The Future of Prototyping: 3D Printing

Growing interest in "3D-Printing" has created new business models and new ways to think about designing products. Prototyping is an integral part of the product development process and recent advancements in technology have created a variety of options for designers to make objects from 3D model data. This rise in innovation has been attributed to new techniques and methods within “additive manufacturing” - a process whereby 3D prototypes are created by joining materials layer upon layer, as opposed to “subtractive manufacturing” methods such as machining from solid blocks leaving waste […]

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Design 1st – Product Design & Development Insights

Recently Design 1st began curating an online magazine about Product Design & Development. Using the Scoop.It platform we're able to aggregate a wide variety of online news sources about our favourite topic Product Design! The slideshow below shows a sample of the content we put together for folks interested in Product Design & Development. The content includes articles, images, videos and news stories from the world, so go ahead can checkout whats turning heads in the design world today!

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FIRST Robotics Competition

The FIRST Robotics Program (FRC) offers an opportunity for high-school students to mentor with Industry professionals and step into the design engineering world, putting their young minds to work building a sophisticated robot in 6 weeks to compete in a variety of challenges. Founded in 1992 the FRC annually provides over $12 Million in scholarships to students and  deems its mission is: "To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.” - Dean Kamen, Founder Each […]

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Electrolux Appliance Design Competition

    The history of industrial design began during the 1920’s when automobiles and electrical appliances were starting to enter the consumer market. As competition grew, firms differentiated their market position catering to consumers who were willing to spend more on luxury goods and intelligent design. The inventors and engineers behind these products were technically brilliant but often lacked creativity to enhance the look, feel and usability of products. To remedy this problem they turned to talented artists from various art schools leveraging their creative insights for the development of consumer […]

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