Canada’s 2010 Budget & Small Business Funding

The government of Canada's 2010 Budget was released on March 4th, within it were various provisions impacting Canadian small business funding. The largest being a $100 million investment from CEAP (Canada Economic Action Plan) to help small business with their innovation and commercializing efforts. The $100 million investment will be administered through the NRC-IRAP (National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program ) and help Canadian small business develop innovative technologies and commercialize them on the global marketplace. At Design 1st, we have directed various clients to the NRC-IRAP […]

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Great Product Idea?? Here’s How to Cash In

"Design 1st sees trust as the main ingredient in product development" -  Ottawa Business Journal The main ingredient to successful product development isn’t silicon, its trust. There are common practice rules of invention and a real requirement for trust between a product development team and the ideas person when creating and developing new inventions to bring to the market. The process starts with a great idea.  In the case of Standard Innovation, a careful process was followed between the Design 1st product development team and the inventor Bruce Murison of […]

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Design 1st Wins Intel Competition

Design 1st used the latest tools and a little innovation to demonstrate the basics of a day in the life of product design.  Intel sponsored a Canada-wide design competition asking companies to share what they do and how they differentiate themselves from their competition. Selected as the Grand Prize Winner from 120 entries, Design 1st receives a $10,000 prize which they will donate to the OttawaTechnology Venture Challenge (TVC). TVC is celebrating their 10 year anniversary as Eastern Ontario's most prestigious competition for encouraging and mentoring post-secondary students to act […]

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$4 Million in Funds Available for Startups

Do you have an idea, product or start-up with commercial promise? Precarn is an independent NFP (not-for-profit) company that helps support the pre-commercial development of leading-edge technologies. On April 1st, Precarn announced a influx of $4million for startups that show commercial promise. The criteria for funding is: A focus on small (2-50 person) companies and start-up companies; Maximum funding is up to $100,000; Maximum Precarn support is 40% of total project costs; Project duration of nine months or less;  and, 50% of Precarn’s contribution will be paid at midterm of […]

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Welcome to the Design1st Blog

"Outstanding products are created when engineers and artists work side by side." Kevin Bailey, Founder & President At Design 1st our artists and engineers work together using the latest tools and technology to create innovative, market leading products for our clients. The range of products, clients and ideas we have worked with over the years have given us a breadth of experience and creativity.  Moving forward we have expansion plans for a  major presence in each of the metropolitian areas across Canada including; Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. This blog has been designed […]

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