5 reasons why companies outsource IoT development.

Bring connected IoT hardware products to market is complex. There are so many working systems, technologies, and variables at play, that getting it right the first time without deep expertise is tough. When companies do go at it alone they often end up making decisions outside of their comfort zone, compounding their business risk. But by outsourcing IoT development to the right team companies can transform the development risk into a competitive advantage. Learn how: 1) You can hire 5 times more design and engineering staff, for less. 2) Get to market […]

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Glossary of Product Design Terms

88 Product Design Terms You Need to Know If you are designing a new product, working with a product design firm or have an interest in hardware startups - knowing your way around product design terminology is critical. For example, exploding a  BOM - may come as shock to those who don't know BOM stands for bill of materials, and exploding it simply means showing a list of all the components in one view! But a quick read of the most frequently used product design related terms below will bring […]

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How will 5G impact IoT product development?

Ontario’s IoT product development industry got hit with some exciting news Monday: a $400M research boost to create, the super-fast, next generation of 5G wireless networks. Termed the “5G Corridor,” the public-private partnership plans to make Ontario a contender on the global stage for IoT development through access to a pre-commercial 5G network.  But to understand how the 5G announcement will impact product development now and into the future, we need to answers some questions: What is 5G? What are Canada's goals for new 5G Corridor? Will Canada be the first to […]

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New Product Development Strategy: Top 5 Questions

Before jumping into the design of your hardware product, make sure you ask yourself these 5 questions: 1) How will your product compete? 2) Who will lead your development effort? 3) How will you validate your product design? 4) How will your business model for acquiring new customers impact your design? 5) How will your new product fit into your product portfolio plan?

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3D Printed Coffee Filter Holder

To fuel the creativity at Design 1st we drink coffee -- a lot of coffee.  And like many offices across the country our coffee machine of choice is Keurig. Of course we know the Keurig coffee pods used in the machines are bad for the environment, expensive, and prone to running out on Monday mornings. But the pros of convenience for clients, tasty choices for our staff, and a cup of coffee that was always hot outweighed the cons - well, until last week... Last week each of our 3 […]

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