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The product development process is a challenging one. There are hundreds of decisions to turn inspiration into a manufacturable product. To get it right the first time you need the right combination of expertise and experience. Explore the Design 1st blog to learn what you need to know to develop successful products right the first time.

4 Benefits of Crowdfunding for New Product Ideas

Design 1st has worked with a number of clients that have used crowdfunding as one of the ways to raise more capital, but crowdfunding is a lot more powerful than just raising money.Crowdfunding gives you a platform that significantly streamlines the traditional model of raising capital to launch a new product.  It’s a lot easier for you to get an opportunity to be in front of interested parties and give them ways to help grow your business.Backers on crowdfunding platforms are motivated by wanting cool stuff at a discount before […]
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Design 1st Response to COVID-19

To the Design 1st Community, Our thoughts are with you as we settle into new routines for work. To do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have cancelled all unnecessary travel and setup our 30 person team to work remotely. You can see some of the team smiling on our weekly company-wide call below: Here is how we are continuing to support you: Our team continues to provide all services, meeting virtually in the same way we work today with our clients. We are committed to providing […]
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Product Design Client News

Each month we round up our favorite client news stories. These are the events, awards and announcements our clients with the world. Highlights this month include: – Both Cloud9 and Epiphan are launching AI-driven voice-to-text translation – Maxar (who bought Neptec) signed contract with NASA to build a robotic arm in space – Stratuscent was at CES2020 showing off their eNose product – ABCA Baseball Coach-of-the-Year credits FieldTurf with Amazing season – GeoSights releases animated video of CMS scanner Links to content in table below:   Client Location Article Notes: […]
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CES 2020 Review: Product Design Perspective

Attending the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is a product designer’s version of visiting Santa’s workshop. New gadgets, technology and innovation fresh out of the R&D lab are put on display. This results in a flood of new ideas that can impact the direction of existing and future projects. To get the most out of CES 2020, you must come prepared. With over 4500 exhibitors and 2.9 million square feet of exhibit space, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Take a look at some of our […]
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