Building an Internet Connected Product: Webinar

Did you know that the fastest growing hardware product category is called the “Internet of Things” (IoT)?

A recent 2015 Gartner research study estimated that by the end of 2015, 4.9 Billion IoT products will be in use, up 30% from 2014 – and will reach 25 Billion IoT products by 2020. This spells out a big opportunity for entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies looking to develop an IoT Product.

There is currently an influx of these IoT products hitting the market which includes wearable fitness products, smart watches, home automation, connected security devices and medical equipment – to name a few.

These new IoT products are meshing together the traditional boundaries of industrial design, mechanical engineering, software programming, electronics, wireless networking and UX design. And along the way, creating a series of challenges and oversights for companies developing these IoT products.

Over the past year, we’ve been working with our partners Macadamian and Electric Imp to explore, develop and test the opportunities that IoT product development presents. Recently we sat down, and begin to explore the opportunity of sharing our in-depth IOT product design insights in the form of a webinar! To do this we put together an expert panel that covers all facets of IoT knowledge and included:
  • Kevin Bailey, President, Design 1st
  • Tony Hooper, Director of Engineering, Macadamian
  • Geoff Parker, Director of Healthcare Software Development, Macadamian
  • Hugo Fiennes, CEO, Electric Imp
  • Oliver Hutaff, CFO, Electric Imp

  • Watch a recording of the Webinar below:

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