Building New Relationships in China

Our visits to China have become more frequent. What started off as an annual trip to meet with our manufacturers and component suppliers has now turned into quarterly visits.

Most of these visits are short and involve quality inspections on our client's first production runs. But on our most recent trip to China we spent a full two weeks qualifying new vendors, touring state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and forming new business relationships.

Check-out some of the photos from our trip below:


Design 1st team meets with manufacturing partners


VP of Manufacturing Setup, Dave Ingram prepares for a quality inspection of client's product parts


Production setup begins for our client's first manufacturing run


Dave Ingram smiles for the camera with manufacturing inspection partner Peter

BOM-review-chinese manufacturing

Final inspection of drawings prior to part tooling


Tour of Chinese manufacturing facility with Design 1st client for vendor qualification prior to manufacturing run


VP of Engineering, Matt Bailey meets with manufacturing partners in China

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