Market leading office spaces for technical work environments.

The Challenge

Transform vision of a fully controlled workspace using off-the-shelf components into a manufacturable product.

The Solution

Integrate design and manufacturing teams from project start to optimize the use of off-the-shelf parts for the final product.


Video: Cam Renkas, CEO - Adaptaspace Inc.


Tough Design Challenges

Integrate over 1000 parts into the final build for a functional user-friendly design.


Cost Advantage

Leverage off-the-shelf components to keep overall development costs low.


Supplier Selection

Qualify multiple suppliers early-on in development for reliable production.


Manufacturing Yield

Manufacturing setup allowed for high-yield of units to match sales volume.


Concept design rendering

exploded view

3D CAD virtual simulation


Bench model prototype for testing of part assembly

First volume production unit of fully-functional product

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