Nuvyyo: Tablo TV


Disruptive over-the-air DVR that shook up the TV cord cutting industry.

The Challenge

Design an elegant enclosure that will standout in marketplace and dissipate heat.

The Solution

Explore and test different forms with the integration of a silent, passive heatsink.


Video: The story behind Tablo TV's design


Competitive Advantage

Tablo TV entered the market as the only DVR with a silent heatsink and small form factor.


Rapid Turnaround

Developed fully working and tested pre-production unit for product launch at CES in Las Vegas.


Solve Thermal Issues

Used FEA virtual simulations to model thermal issues and help with the design of silent heat sink.


Product Quality and Reliability

Mass market product acceptance and industry leading defect rates helped build Tablo brand.


Virtual form exploration of Tablo TV enclosure

exploded view

Integration of custom electronics and PCB into enclosure design

Pre-production prototype build of enclosure to test form, fit and function.


First volume production unit of fully-functional product

"Design 1st had the expertise to turn a concept into a unique branded look and marketable product that met our high expectations. "
- Grant Hall, CEO Nuvyyo

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