Market disrupting 27 GHz spectrum analyzer.

The Challenge

Develop a robust heat dissipating enclosure for the custom electronic boards.

The Solution

Simulate and test multiple housing designs to blend form and function for heat dissipation.


ThinkRF R5500: 27 GHz frequency range real-time spectrum analyzer


Tough Design Challenges

Work within the constraints of the PCB geometry to develop optimal thermal solution.


Rapid Turnaround

Develop and test a fully functioning unit in under six weeks to exploit market opportunity.


Electronics Integration

Mount the custom PCB’ s on heat spreader plates cooled by thermal convection.


Usability and Satisfaction

Develop multiple variants of RF cable connector design to optimize user experience.


Virtual concept renderings of Think RF enclosure design

exploded view

Bench model testing of PCB geometry for enclosure design

CNC machined enclosure prototype for Think RF


Machined enclosure from first volume production run

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