How to Design Hardware Products for New Thread Wireless Protocol

The purpose of the new wireless protocol is to help smart home automation or Internet of Things (IoT) devices talk with each other more efficiently. But what does this mean for new products currently in development or existing smart home products? Here’s what we found out: Thread Protocol Background: Thread is a new low power wireless mesh network protocol for home automation products It’s backed by several big name vendors including Samsung, Nest, ARM, Freescale Semiconductor, Silicon Labs who collectively formed the ‘Thread Group” Thread Group’ modeled after WiFi Alliance […]

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Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP)

The Canadian government is putting fuel in the tanks of new startups and helping kickstart their business through a innovative funding program dedicated to helping startups commercialize new products. It’s called the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP), and the Canadian government has earmarked as much as $500,000 for new products that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of various government departments.  These small business grants are earmarked under four key “priority areas” for aid including: Environment Safety and security Health Enabling technologies Fit the bill? Then seek that start-up […]

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2014 San Francisco Maker Faire

The San Francisco Maker Faire is the flagship event of Maker Culture where everything is big! This year we were lucky to get a first person account of the event from Design 1st  maker buddy Steve Borza from Bluink who supplied the photos. The event featured a giant 25ft tall Fire breathing Octopus called El Pulpo Mecanico,  a Robo-Tar product that lets beginners play the guitar by picking out cords mechanically,  mind controlled interactive games, 3D printers that print all kinds of materials including flexible plastic, cake icing and  living […]

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Biomimicry: Nature is a Product Design Genius

Solving complex design challenges by studying nature is not new. Centuries ago designers tried to imitate the flapping of bird’s wings to take flight. The device at the time was called a Ornihopter and the earliest concepts date back to Leonardo da Vinci’s design in 1485. As you may be aware, the Ornihopter didn’t exactly work out as planned, and it took 4 more centuries until inventors in France got it to take flight in 1871. Now fast forward to 2014. Biomimcry – mimicking nature to solve design problems - […]

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