Top 3 Reasons Why Cannabis Vape Tech is Soaring

Cannabis legalization in regions across the world is igniting demand for new cannabis tech hardware devices. The result? A flurry of R&D activity as entrepreneurs and corporations race to bring new hardware to market. The most popular of these new cannabis devices are vaporizers that work by heating up marijuna flower, oil or extracts into a vapor that can be consumed. Right now dozens of companies across the world are racing to bring new cannabis vaporizer technology to market. Here are three reasons why:

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Top 10 hottest Cannabis tech devices of 2019

The first wave of new cannabis tech hardware is here. New cannabis tech products are flooding the marketplace filling brand new category niches that have never been explored. These devices include medicinal humidors, THC breathalyzers, cannabis flower analysis, metered dosing devices — plus many more. Check-out the top 10 cannabis devices making waves right now:

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