Product Innovation in Hand Hygiene

After nearly two years in product development with Design 1st in Ottawa, HandSandal Instruments Ltd, a Vancouver based start-up is pleased to announce their flagship product. The HandSandal is an innovative portable hand hygiene device that you bring with you wherever you go in public spaces.  The ergonomically developed hand grip provides an antimicrobial barrier to contaminated surfaces in transportation, offices, hospitals, washrooms and is used on door handles, light switches, elevators and surfaces that must be touched to operate. The Handsandal’s design was perfected over several product concept iterations, prototypes […]

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Startup to Watch: Northvu – HDTV Antenna

  Lately it seems like every week a Design 1st client is making news headlines. This week the honor goes to NorthVu Systems, an Ottawa based startup that created the NV20 pro HDTV antenna. NorthVu was named a 2013 “Startup to Watch” by the Ottawa Business Journal.   Launched last March 2012, the NV20 Pro has travelled down the bumpy road of commercial success. Along the way they have continually racked up more and more distributors for their indoor HDTV antenna including Amazon, Home Hardware and The Source. Next stop, NorthVu […]

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Mom Turned Inventor of “myColdCup”

When engineer and mother Gwenda Lindhorst–Ko visited the Design 1st offices for the first time in 2009 she brought only herself and an idea. The idea was an invention that would solve the novel problem of keeping her child’s milk cold throughout the school day. The end result was “myColdCup” an innovative product guaranteed to keep milk cool for 5 + hours. Recently, Gwenda was featured on the television show “Backyard Inventors” – a video of her segment is included below.

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Launch of the NV20 Pro – Indoor TV Antenna

The NorthVu NV20 Pro is a compact HD TV antenna designed to blend into any home entertainment area. Simple to use and easy on the eyes, the NV20Pro gives the rabbit ears antenna an artistic refresh bringing broadcast high definition digital TV channels free into your home.   It’s a box; you buy it once, plug it in to the back of your TV and start receiving free channels.  There are 10 to 20 TV channels in most major cities in North America.Are Cable television bills getting too high? Did you […]

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New Way to Shovel Snow in 2012-Heatstone™

Santa can bring you a new way to shovel snow off the walks - from your living room! Collaborating with the Design 1st team, a Toronto Inventor has been busy creating a new product for the northern markets where an aging population will experience more back injuries by snow shovelling walks and driveways. Introducing HEATSTONE™ a new way to get rid of unwanted snow from your home, coming to the the market in 2012!Consiglio, a Toronto based inventor, approached Design 1st with the idea to build outdoor radiant flooring with concrete patio stones.  Seeing […]

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