Epiphan Systems Launches Cutting-Edge Video Technology

We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside the world leader in high resolution audio/video capture, recording and streaming products – Epiphan Systems over the past year. Today our hard work culminated with the launch of Epiphan’s flagship video device Pearl™ - the first of its kind that can stream and record multiple HD audio-video sources simultaneously. "This is the most advanced and flexible capture, streaming, and recording platform ever produced by Epiphan," said David Kirk, director of product management. "Pearl will be a very appealing solution to our customers in education, healthcare, […]

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2014 San Francisco Maker Faire

The San Francisco Maker Faire is the flagship event of Maker Culture where everything is big! This year we were lucky to get a first person account of the event from Design 1st  maker buddy Steve Borza from Bluink who supplied the photos. The event featured a giant 25ft tall Fire breathing Octopus called El Pulpo Mecanico,  a Robo-Tar product that lets beginners play the guitar by picking out cords mechanically,  mind controlled interactive games, 3D printers that print all kinds of materials including flexible plastic, cake icing and  living […]

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New Partnership with United Way Ottawa

Design 1st started in Ottawa 18 years ago – we live, we work and we play in Ottawa community.  We know there are problems and we know we can help address them.  We can drive results by providing the right support but where do we start? One natural choice was to support with the United Way, an organization that has been a fixture in the Ottawa community for more than 80 years.  The United Way Ottawa helps create a better life for everyone in community, including many of the most vulnerable […]

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Cast Your Vote for Canada’s Top Immigrant Award

We're pleased to announce that our client Jeri Rodrigs is a Finalist for the Canadian Immigrant Award! Jeri is an Ottawa entrepreneur and inventor of the award winning Rumidifier - an Eco-Friendly Zero Energy Humidifier To support Jeri in his quest to be named one of Canada's Top Immigrants for 2014, please cast your vote!  

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Ottawa 2013 Techlinks Startup Event

Bruce Firestone's Explorieum Tech Links was a kick-off event in the Global Entrepreneurship Week. The event  joins Ottawa's small, medium and large technology companies to explore opportunities to grow through partnerships, marketing channels and development of strategic relationships with investorsAs an event sponsor, Design 1st set up a 20 foot booth to show the Ottawa Angel Investor and Entrepreneurial  community the great diversity and strength of the physical products being developed by our innovative clients.Design 1st Showcased Clients Included:Nuvyyo             EverFlo              PowerPress         ThinkRFNuraleve          Solo Rolo          Bath n Play           RumidifierEzclipse           Cam Post      […]

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