Strange Industrial-era Inventions

"Daring Ideas are like chessman moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game" - Johaan Wolfgang People have been building "daring ideas" since the dawn of the industrial area when inventors, manufacturers and eager consumers created an exciting market for new products. From helping people better their opera singing skills to building all terrain bicycles there has been few industries inventors have not touched. While not all of these ideas gained the commercially success the inventor hoped for they did offer a unique solution to a […]

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Product Innovation in Hand Hygiene

After nearly two years in product development with Design 1st in Ottawa, HandSandal Instruments Ltd, a Vancouver based start-up is pleased to announce their flagship product. The HandSandal is an innovative portable hand hygiene device that you bring with you wherever you go in public spaces.  The ergonomically developed hand grip provides an antimicrobial barrier to contaminated surfaces in transportation, offices, hospitals, washrooms and is used on door handles, light switches, elevators and surfaces that must be touched to operate. The Handsandal’s design was perfected over several product concept iterations, prototypes […]

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FIRST Robotics 2013: Astechz Team 2994

Let the games begin! That was the phrase heard by 1000’s of high school robotics teams across the globe January 5 as the 2013 FIRST robotics competition (FRC) was launched. From that point on, high school teams had 6 weeks to design, fabricate, program and test their robot based on competition criteria. As a sponsor for the past 4 years to the Astechz Team 2994, Design 1st has seen its fair share of robots go from whiteboard sketch into the ring against competition. This year the competition game called “Ultimate […]

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Looking Back at CES 2013: Clients, Products & Design

A little over a month ago, the Design 1st team joined various clients down in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show – the largest industry trade-show for techie gizmos, gadgets and products. In previous years, the CES tradeshow has served as a Launchpad for disruptive technology that is common in many households today including, DVD players, satellite radio and flat screen HDTV’.  This year ground breaking innovation were a far cry from year  but the larger than life OLED TV, Vuzix Smart Glasses and InTouch Health’s RP-7i robot doctor didn’t fail to […]

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CES 2012: Client Product Innovations

The Design 1st team arrived in Las Vegas last week for CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012 – the largest annual trade show in the US featuring 2700 Exhibitors, 150k attendees and over 1.6 Millionsquare feet of floor space. For gadget lovers, product designers and tech companies CES gives exclusive access to the hottest product debuts in consumer technology. While attendees at the CES come for many different reasons – they all have one thing in common a love for technology, innovation and gadgets. For Design 1st making the trek to CES […]

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