Product Innovation in Hand Hygiene

After nearly two years in product development with Design 1st in Ottawa, HandSandal Instruments Ltd, a Vancouver based start-up is pleased to announce their flagship product. The HandSandal is an innovative portable hand hygiene device that you bring with you wherever you go in public spaces.  The ergonomically developed hand grip provides an antimicrobial barrier to contaminated surfaces in transportation, offices, hospitals, washrooms and is used on door handles, light switches, elevators and surfaces that must be touched to operate. The Handsandal’s design was perfected over several product concept iterations, prototypes […]

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Modernizing Product Concept Design with CAD

The Product Design Show from continues to release excellent videos on product development. Whether you're a design professional, inventor or simply interested in how products are developed, the show has wealth of information that is sure to peak your interest. The recent episode "Modernizing Product Design Concept" provides an excellent take on how CAD (computer-aided design) programs like Solidworks, which we use at Design 1st, have revolutionized how design concepts, are created, tested and shared. Check-out the video below:

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Great Design is Sustainable Design

  "There are professions more harmful than design," wrote Victor Papanek in the 1970s, "but only a few." Papanek – considered the modern father of responsible design – accused designers of “creating whole species of permanent garbage to clutter up the landscape, and by choosing materials and processes that pollute the air we breathe, designers have become a dangerous breed." If this is so, then why not consider social and environmental factors when designing future products? And having done this, why design unsustainable products at all?  100% Sustainability Begins with the Design According […]

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Canadian Dj Kid Koala’s Cardboard Record Player

To celebrate the launch of DJ Kid Koala's "12 Bit Blues" album release, a real working cardboard gramophone kit and record were included. The title track Distinguished Urban Rental can be played with ease once you set it up. To promote this unique release, Kid Koala produced an animated stop motion promo piece of the package design, setup and use of the mini cardboard record player! Pretty Cool we must say! Check-it out: Kid Koala Flexi Player from See Creature on Vimeo.

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Launch of the NV20 Pro – Indoor TV Antenna

The NorthVu NV20 Pro is a compact HD TV antenna designed to blend into any home entertainment area. Simple to use and easy on the eyes, the NV20Pro gives the rabbit ears antenna an artistic refresh bringing broadcast high definition digital TV channels free into your home.   It’s a box; you buy it once, plug it in to the back of your TV and start receiving free channels.  There are 10 to 20 TV channels in most major cities in North America.Are Cable television bills getting too high? Did you […]

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