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Recently Design 1st began curating an online magazine about Product Design & Development. Using the Scoop.It platform we're able to aggregate a wide variety of online news sources about our favourite topic Product Design! The slideshow below shows a sample of the content we put together for folks interested in Product Design & Development. The content includes articles, images, videos and news stories from the world, so go ahead can checkout whats turning heads in the design world today!

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Canadian Innovation: A Look at History, Today & Tomorrow

The history of Canadian invention has spanned more than a century with over one million patents filed – yet few people can name more than one or two Canadian inventors. The most common name that comes to mind is Alexander Graham Bell – the inventor of the telephone in 1867. Over 125 years later Mike Lazaridis & Doug Fregin sought to greatly improve the telephone through adding wireless email functionality – this was the start of Canada’s treasured RIM (Research in Motion) corporation. In between these two great feats of […]

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Product Development and Marketing Relationships

For inventors and entrepreneurs launching their products it is more than just the great idea; it’s about finding an experienced product development team they can rely on to successfully bring their products to market. Design 1st Inc., an Ottawa-based product design company, knows an experienced product development team is the tour guide for the inventor when creating, developing and finding an appropriate manufacturer for the new invention. The process starts with the innovative idea and a strong understanding of why this idea is both unique to the market and is […]

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Great Product Idea?? Here’s How to Cash In

"Design 1st sees trust as the main ingredient in product development" -  Ottawa Business Journal The main ingredient to successful product development isn’t silicon, its trust. There are common practice rules of invention and a real requirement for trust between a product development team and the ideas person when creating and developing new inventions to bring to the market. The process starts with a great idea.  In the case of Standard Innovation, a careful process was followed between the Design 1st product development team and the inventor Bruce Murison of […]

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