Designing a Pneumatic Fish Cannon

Flying Fish, a mysterious mythical creature and now a reality. Dubbed the 'Salmon Cannon', a new glorified vacuum tube is helping fish in the Columbia River traverse man made dams by flying over them. Whoosh Innovations, the company behind the device first designed the pneumatic tube system to transport fruit and vegetables in packing plants.  But when Washington state posed a research question of how to help Salmon migrate across hydroelectric dams Whoosh pondered if fish could use the system too. "So we put a tilapia in the fruit tube," […]

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2014 San Francisco Maker Faire

The San Francisco Maker Faire is the flagship event of Maker Culture where everything is big! This year we were lucky to get a first person account of the event from Design 1st  maker buddy Steve Borza from Bluink who supplied the photos. The event featured a giant 25ft tall Fire breathing Octopus called El Pulpo Mecanico,  a Robo-Tar product that lets beginners play the guitar by picking out cords mechanically,  mind controlled interactive games, 3D printers that print all kinds of materials including flexible plastic, cake icing and  living […]

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A Desktop CNC Milling Machine for $2000

Ok, brace yourself...We just came across a desktop CNC Milling machine for $2000 on Kickstarter! The machine is called the Nomad Mill and we believe it's ready to take the Maker, Inventor and Hobbyist market by storm. And we're not the only ones either, since launching on Kickstarter 4 Days ago the Nomad has already blown past it's $30K goal and is currently sitting at $146K with 26 Days left. Check-it out for yourself:

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Inventive Investing | Discovering Great Product Ideas

Have you ever come across a nifty product and thought why didn’t I think of that? Usually seemingly simple and so obvious you can’t believe you didn’t come up with it. Inventors seem to have the ability to look at problems or needs from a unique perspective that the rest of us just don’t.For instance, take the common issue of the ketchup bottle. Ketchup was bottled in octagonal shaped glass bottles to showcase the purity of the product. However, the bottles made it a slow and agonizing wait for the […]

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Investing in innovation can bring great rewards

Inventors are unique. They often toil alone, working with minimal resources as they chase the wisp of an idea. When they achieve those eureka moments — that point when all the thinking, sketching, tinkering and building produce a viable product — they are just beginning. It takes money to take that innovative or creative new idea or product to the market and that is where investors can play a crucial and possibly lucrative role. Many would be investors shy away from this type of investment, claiming the risks are too […]

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