A Desktop CNC Milling Machine for $2000

Ok, brace yourself...We just came across a desktop CNC Milling machine for $2000 on Kickstarter! The machine is called the Nomad Mill and we believe it's ready to take the Maker, Inventor and Hobbyist market by storm. And we're not the only ones either, since launching on Kickstarter 4 Days ago the Nomad has already blown past it's $30K goal and is currently sitting at $146K with 26 Days left. Check-it out for yourself:

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Crowdfunding 2.0 – You Can Now Micro Invest in Local Startups

A couple years ago many great product ideas were sitting collecting dust in the minds, workshops and hard drives of entrepreneurs. These ideas sat behind the barrier of funding – often dismissed after the entrepreneur exhausted their bootstrap, government and private lending finance options. But crowdfunding changed that. Using online platforms, crowdfunding meant new product ideas could be pitched to a wider global audience and funded through individual donations. These fundraising efforts have led to some pretty impressive success stories, the most notable being the Pebble Smartwatch which fundraised $10.3million […]

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BathandPlay: From Idea to Kickstarter

Ottawa inventor Jay Conohan walked into the Design 1st office in January 2013 with a product idea and the enthusiasm to dive head first into the product development process. Now 10 months later, he has a working prototype, Kickstarter campaign and is preparing for the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas to showcase his product. Here’s a quick summary of Jay’s journey and how he re-invented bath time for toddlers. The Product Idea: Like many inventors, Jay stumbled across the “Bath and Play” product idea by accident; literally, his son […]

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Kickstarter Launches in Canada

It's an exciting day for enterprising Canadians! Kickstarter - the largest global crowdfunding engine has officially launched its Canadian operations! What is Kickstarter? If you're not familiar with Kickstarter - its a crowdfunding platform for creative projects. These projects may include new inventions, gadgets, products, music, art and film. The concept is simple, anyone can "donate" to a project they want to see completed in return they get rewards which may include the end project, behind the scenes access to its design or anything else you can imagine! How does […]

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Canadian Innovation: A Look at History, Today & Tomorrow

The history of Canadian invention has spanned more than a century with over one million patents filed – yet few people can name more than one or two Canadian inventors. The most common name that comes to mind is Alexander Graham Bell – the inventor of the telephone in 1867. Over 125 years later Mike Lazaridis & Doug Fregin sought to greatly improve the telephone through adding wireless email functionality – this was the start of Canada’s treasured RIM (Research in Motion) corporation. In between these two great feats of […]

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