Client GoldenEar Technology – Success in 2011

GoldenEar Speaker Design


GoldenEar Technologies has concluded their one year anniversary on a high note, picking up two more awards at the 2011 CEDIA EXPO in Indianapolis including the CEPro Best Electronic Technology award and the Residential Systems prestigious RESI award. Both awards recognized GoldenEar’s physical design, with the CEPro focusing on functionality and ease of installation while the RESI award concentrated on industrial design factors including products’ design aesthetics, user-friendliness and originality. These awards add to the 4 previous awards GoldenEar won in 2011 recognizing their high-performance Loudspeaker product line, providing further evidence that challenging economic times have not stifled creativity and innovation in manufacturing. 

The GoldenEar product line has taken the Loudspeaker industry by storm since its launch at last year’s 2010 CEDIA EXPO in Atlanta. Catching the attention of the audio industry GoldenEar Technology received consistent praise from audiophile press having their loudspeaker products  recognized by various industry awards – including 2 separate award wins at the 2011 CES (Consumer Electronic Show).

The success of GoldenEar’s product line has been built off the combined experience of founders Sandy & Gross & Don Givogue, who co-founded  loudspeaker firm’s  Polk Audio in the 1970’s and Definitive Technology in the 1990’s. GoldenEar’s goal when designing their new line of speakers was “to deliver more sonic superiority, with performance that is unequalled in competitors’ speakers selling for three, four or five times as much” – said Gross. This was accomplished through the audio engineering experience of their founder’s and the industrial design expertise of Design 1st’ product development team.

As one audiophile reviewer put it, “GoldenEar’s speakers aren’t just more branded boxes with drivers built in. These are audiophile speakers with uniquely engineered technology. They’re different than anything else on the market, and that alone makes them worth checking out.”

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