How to Design, Prototype and Manufacture an Idea: Full Case Study

Start-ups and E-commerce entrepreneurs are developing custom products to meet niche customer demand. This allows them to control quality, features, and most importantly, margins! The challenge is getting ideas into manufacture-ready designs, building out a supply chain and ramping up volume production with consistent quality. Discover the process one entrepreneur went through to manufacture his proof-of-concept prototype idea for a mass market.
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Design 1st Announces Three Client Must Have Products for Summer Activities

Co-designed by Design 1st, innovative lunch box, toddler safety device and pool covering support multiple aspects of family summer fun  June 22, 2021 - Design 1st, one of the most trusted full-service product design-engineering firms across North America, today announced a series of custom products that are seeing an increase in niche-market demand as families engage in summertime activities. The products, co-developed by Design 1st, include Lily Chillers, an easy-to-use lily pad pool covering that saves energy, keeping pools cooler as the outside heat index rises; toddlermonitor™, a portable child safety device to keep […]
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Epiphan Launches Pearl Nano

Design 1st client, Epiphan has launched its next-generation video production device, the Pearl Nano. A lightweight, portable 4K Live Video Streaming and Production device for audio-video professionals. Epiphan's new hardware device is the second product Design 1st has helped design and manufacture. The first product was the Epiphan Pearl, which featured an eye-catching brush metal finish and intuitive user interface. The all-new Pearl Nano focuses on portability with a lightweight smaller footprint and range of new features for professionals on-the-go.       The Pearl Nano focuses on portability with […]
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Cloud 9 Raises $17.5m in Series B Funding

New York City-based client Cloud 9 raises $17.5 Million Series B funding round to expand operations. Design 1st helps Cloud 9 design, engineer and manufacture their industry-leading hardware platform devices enabling wall street brokerages to provide ultra-fast virtual environments for their traders. Since March 2020, Cloud9 has seen new business increase by over 50% as top global banks and financial institutions adopt remote working environments. “Whether it’s working from an office or from home, traders and financial institutions want optionality and that’s what we’re providing. The transition to a virtual, […]
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