Epiphan Systems Launches Cutting-Edge Video Technology

We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside the world leader in high resolution audio/video capture, recording and streaming products – Epiphan Systems over the past year. Today our hard work culminated with the launch of Epiphan’s flagship video device Pearl™ - the first of its kind that can stream and record multiple HD audio-video sources simultaneously. "This is the most advanced and flexible capture, streaming, and recording platform ever produced by Epiphan," said David Kirk, director of product management. "Pearl will be a very appealing solution to our customers in education, healthcare, […]
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Nuvyyo – Client News Update

Recently named a 2014 Startup to Watch by the Ottawa Business Journal, Nuvyyo - one of our clients based here in the Ottawa area, are re-inventing the way we enjoy our tablet devices, by allowing people to stream their photos, videos, TV shows and movies on their personal devices no matter where they may be. Nuvvyo was recently featured on CBC news to showcase to viewers how they are helping people everywhere cut the cord that ties us to local cable and satellite providers. "It's not just about the TV […]
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Ottawa Personal Trainer with a Product Idea

After meeting Guy Murray for the first time you’re guaranteed to hear at least one product idea. The Ottawa personal trainer embodies the definition of an inventor and has used his ingenuity to create several products over the years. In early 2010, Guy came up with one product idea he knew would take more than elbow grease to bring to life. After contacting several machine shops, engineers and prototype outfits he stumbled across Design 1st online.  Quickly a meeting was setup, budget identified and a team put in place. Over […]
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Building New Relationships in China

Our visits to China have become more frequent. What started off as an annual trip to meet with our manufacturers and component suppliers has now turned into quarterly visits. Most of these visits are short and involve quality inspections on our client's first production runs. But on our most recent trip to China we spent a full two weeks qualifying new vendors, touring state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and forming new business relationships.Check-out some of the photos from our trip below:
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Product Innovation in Hand Hygiene

After nearly two years in product development with Design 1st in Ottawa, HandSandal Instruments Ltd, a Vancouver based start-up is pleased to announce their flagship product. The HandSandal is an innovative portable hand hygiene device that you bring with you wherever you go in public spaces.  The ergonomically developed hand grip provides an antimicrobial barrier to contaminated surfaces in transportation, offices, hospitals, washrooms and is used on door handles, light switches, elevators and surfaces that must be touched to operate. The Handsandal’s design was perfected over several product concept iterations, prototypes […]
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