Design 1st Client’s Named as Gartner’s 2010 “Cool Vendors”


The new technology landscape is filled with firms who have the potential to change a market in a significant way, yet have not gained exposure for their new value. Market analyst Gartner’s annual “Cool Vendors” report seeks to oust these innovative firms through publishing a series of research reports in key technology areas, highlighting emerging technologies.  The Cool Vendors report is a driving force behind the discovery and commercialization of new technology that has both a business impact and enables users to do useful things that have not been done before. These firms have the potential to be industry leaders and being included is an honor for small companies giving their technology validation, exposure and the “cool” quotient to drive sales.

Gartner’s Cool Vendor’s report does not constitute an exhaustive list of vendors in any given technology area, but rather is designed to highlight interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services. Design 1st was proud to hear that Sustainable Energy Technologies and Pliant Technologies, both Design 1st clients, were named in the 2010 Cool Vendor’s Storage Technologies and Consumer Energy Management categories.  Both firms have developed exceptional products that push the boundaries of innovation through increased energy efficiency and high performance.




"We consider our inclusion in the Cool Vendor report by Gartner confirmation of our mission to drive solar technology innovation worldwide," said Brent Harris, Vice President of Product Development, Sustainable Energy.


Gartner's report on Consumer Energy Management highlighted the advantages of connecting photovoltaic (PV) solar panels in parallel versus the conventional approach of wiring in series. Sustainable Energy's PARALEX™ solar power system architecture enables solar modules to be wired in a parallel array. Using Sustainable Energy's patented, low voltage SUNERGY™ inverter technology, the PARALEX architecture enables each solar module to operate independently of any other module in the system delivering 5-15% increased energy yield while operating at safe voltages. Commonly used in commercial roof top installations, PARALEX™ operates at voltages from 50 – 150v compared to standard systems that operate as high as 1000v, providing an important safety benefit to installation and maintenance crews.

“We are delighted that Gartner has recognized Pliant as a ‘Cool Vendor.’ We believe that the Lightning product line delivers the type of game-changing benefits that directly impact the enterprise organization’s bottom line,” say Amyl Ahola, CEO of Pliant Technology.

Pliant Technology enables enterprises to augment their existing server and storage systems with Pliant’s enterprise flash drives (EFD) that dramatically reduces both power consumption and floor space, while delivering better performance and improved reliability. The Pliant Lightning product line provides data centers and other high-performance computing (HPC) environments with unprecedented levels of IT storage/system performance, enabling data center IT infrastructure to do more for less – achieving significantly higher system performance with lower cost, less power and a smaller footprint. As data-intensive applications continue to grow, Pliant’s EFD technology will create more opportunity, extending the life of current IT solutions for a longer return on investment.

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