Does Your Next Product Include Electronics?


Design 1st welcomes the integration of Ashton Electronic Systems into our design team

We have been tapping the talented electronics design and software experts at Ashton for several years. By having them become dedicated members of our integrated in-house team that includes industrial designers, engineers, and manufacturing setup specialists, we can take even more time, cost and risk out of the hardware product development process.

A cohesive team under one roof:
  • Anticipates challenges earlier
  • Finds novel solutions to tricky problems sooner,
  • Optimizes product cost and manufacturability throughout the process, and
  • Guides the product development process all the way from idea to manufacturing setup.
Learn more about our new electronics design capabilities by joining us at IoT613 - Ottawa’s Internet of Things conference on September 24-25.  Or call us to discuss our capabilities in arduino+3D prototyping to get connected concept products to user test at record speed.  

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