Electrolux Appliance Design Competition



The history of industrial design began during the 1920’s when automobiles and electrical appliances were starting to enter the consumer market. As competition grew, firms differentiated their market position catering to consumers who were willing to spend more on luxury goods and intelligent design. The inventors and engineers behind these products were technically brilliant but often lacked creativity to enhance the look, feel and usability of products. To remedy this problem they turned to talented artists from various art schools leveraging their creative insights for the development of consumer products.


The Electrolux Appliance Design Lab competition continues the tradition of leveraging design students creativity towards the development of consumer products. In its ninth year, the Electrolux competition challenges Canadian industrial design students to compete for the chance to win a paid internship and cash prizes.

The theme behind the 2011 competition is “Intelligent Mobility”, focused on creative home appliances that provide users flexible control for more free time, both within and outside the home.

Electrolux's competition tasks students with creating strategically designed concepts for home appliances shaping how people prepare and store food, clean and do dishes. In particular these design concepts should offer personalization and inspire users whilst utilizing existing technology for support and guidance. The top finalists of the competition are invited to participate in a final global event, presenting their entries to a jury of world class designers.

These students than go on to exciting careers with product design and engineering firms like Design 1st where they work side by side with product engineers.  Through creativity and innovation training they obtain a deep knowledge of materials, mechanisms and manufacturing.  Overall,  the competition prepares students to integrate with a product design team bringing new innovations and ideas that are aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to use.

For information on this and past years competition visit: http://www.electroluxdesignlab.com

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