Fortune 50 Firm Places $1.1M Order

Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. - a Design 1st client and the team behind a range of WiFi security solutions is sprinting out of the gate to start 2018. Both securing a lucrative $1.1M contract with a Fortune 50 Company and receiving FCC Certification for their WiFi3™ high-density wireless solution.

The Fortune 50 customer placed a P.O. valued at $1,100,000 for the supply Edgewater’s WiFi3™ solution to integrate into the next generation of smart retail solutions.

"This sale is a major milestone for Edgewater Wireless - bringing WiFi3™ technology into the mainstream. WiFi3™ will be integrated into our partner's next generation smart retail solution to deliver an unparalleled retail experience to their customers,"
- Andrew Skafel, CEO of Edgewater

Edgewater came to Design 1st looking for an iconic design that would help them stand-out in the crowded world of wifi-solutions.

“The central design challenge was solving complex thermal management issues through a physical design that would personalize Edgewater’s brand and innovation”
James Henderson, VP Design - Design 1st. 


WiFi3™ - World's first 6x band multi-channel WiFi

We look forward to supporting Edgewater as they continue their upward trajectory in the innovative world of urban WiFi solutions.

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