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"Design 1st sees trust as the main ingredient in product development" -  Ottawa Business Journal

The main ingredient to successful product development isn’t silicon, its trust. There are common practice rules of invention and a real requirement for trust between a product development team and the ideas person when creating and developing new inventions to bring to the market.

The process starts with a great idea.  In the case of Design 1st client Standard Innovation, a careful process was followed between the Design 1st product development team and the inventor Bruce Murison of the famous We-Vibe couples’ sex toy.

“Trust is everything in our new product development work, as the work isn’t usually defined in great detail when we start a program,” said Kevin Bailey, Founder and President, Design 1st. “Trust happens very quickly in some cases, and grows over a project in others.”

“The process is based heavily on experience with the goal of finding new product value, configuring the product so it’s easy to use and has a compelling look that’s appropriate for the environment of use and the marketing objectives on brand consistency,” continued Bailey.

The first step for any idea requires protecting the idea with a provisional patent application and selection of an experienced product development team.  Design 1st takes a great deal of the risk out of getting a quality product to the market.

Primary steps are a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that is signed between the idea person and the product development company and a contract that specifies the various phases of product development.  When a great idea meets a professional and trusted design engineering team, the experience and passion enables wonderful results to occur and a greater chance at success of the products in the market.

It’s a familiar situation Bruce Murison recalls fondly. “If you can find artists and engineers that can help interpret what you’re thinking, then it’s teamwork,” he said. “It’s a symbiotic relationship, and it’s important that you’re on the same wavelength.”

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