12 Funding Sources for Hardware, IoT and Robotics Startups

Ways to fund your physical product startup: Funding is critical to the success of any new physical product development project. It’s one of the key ingredients on top of a great idea, a talented team, and a tight product-market fit that every company needs to push forward to market.   Physical product development is a cash flow business, necessary to get to market, manufacture, ship to customers, and scale your sales. Over 25 years, Design 1st has seen 1000+ physical product development projects move from concept to manufacturing. Each of these projects navigated funding challenges.    To help you […]
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Top 3 Reasons Why Cannabis Vape Tech is Soaring

Cannabis legalization in regions across the world is igniting demand for new cannabis tech hardware devices. The result? A flurry of R&D activity as entrepreneurs and corporations race to bring new hardware to market. The most popular of these new cannabis devices are vaporizers that work by heating up marijuna flower, oil or extracts into a vapor that can be consumed. Right now dozens of companies across the world are racing to bring new cannabis vaporizer technology to market. Here are three reasons why:
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The Hardware Startup Renaissance

The hardware startup renaissance is upon us and in a troubled market, both established companies and entrepreneurs are welcoming it with open arms.  The decade long gold rush to develop web software Apps is maturing.  Increasingly innovators are combining physical hard goods with new Apps in their product plans.  A suite of software platforms, wireless hardware modules, flexible manufacturing processes and low cost single item shipping are making the design, development and delivery of these products easier for ever smaller enterprises and virtual companies.“It's a shift that Silicon Valley has […]
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