Indiegogo Chose Canada for Crowdfunding App Launch

We've got exciting news for Canadian crowdfunders! Indiegogo, the largest global crowdfunding platform has chosen Canada to launch and test a new iphone App.

Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin made the announcement today saying Canada was choosen as the test country for the eventual global roll-out due to the diversity of campaigns and feedback from Canadians.

"Canada is a really important country for us, in terms of volume it's the second-largest country for us in the world ... and we send money to 70 to 100 countries a week," - Indiegogo CEO, Slava Rubin

Mr. Rubin also acknowledged the importance of mobile in Indiegogo's future crowdfunding strategies stating, "This year we made a commitment to advance in mobile....and if I was launching a new company like Indiegogo today, I would probably do mobile only".

Looking at Canada's crowdfunding stats over the past year it's easy to see why Indiegogo chose Canada as the test market:CFP Jun-12-2014

  • Canada is Indiegogo's second largest market in the World
  • Canada has seen a 50% increase in crowd funding money raised this year compared to last
  • Since Kickstarter's Canadian Launch in September 2013, 1400 Projects were created, tallying $14 Million in donations
  • Canada is proactively seeking to legislate Equity Crowdfunding, allowing people to Micro Invest in Startups
  • Canada leads the world with 45 active Crowdfunding platforms and portals

At Design 1st, we have seen several clients turn to the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to help fund new hardware products   in 2014.  The most successful of which was TabloTv - a DVR that streams OTA HD signals enabling cord cutting. And were sure this funding trend will continue to grow, especially since Equity Crowdfunding is just starting to take off.


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