Industrial Design Visionary: Braun or Apple

With CES 2013 just around the corner next week, the “twitterverse”  is filled with commentary and speculation surrounding the release of new innovative products. Among the contenders are new televisions, speakers and personal gadget innovations. One surprise though, (or not such a surprise if you follow CES each year) is that Apple will not be attending.

To the average consumer this may seem strange, Apple, with their extravagant product launches, ubiquitous logo and design focus, appears to embody innovation in consumer products. While Apple’ has proved to be innovative in many areas, the physical design, usability and shape of their products appears have been done before. No, we’re not talking about the recent lawsuit with Samsung, we’re referring to the revolutionary designs of Braun spearheaded by iconic industrial designer Dieter Rams during the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Take a look at the Braun vs. Apple product comparison below and see if you can spot any design similarities!


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