Electrolux Appliance Design Competition

    The history of industrial design began during the 1920’s when automobiles and electrical appliances were starting to enter the consumer market. As competition grew, firms differentiated their market position catering to consumers who were willing to spend more on luxury goods and intelligent design. The inventors and engineers behind these products were technically brilliant but often lacked creativity to enhance the look, feel and usability of products. To remedy this problem they turned to talented artists from various art schools leveraging their creative insights for the development of consumer […]
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2010 Vancouver Olympics: A Look at Innovative Design

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics showcased the creative design talent Canada has to offer. These Olympic Games provided designers, architects and engineers countless opportunities to exhibit their talent and innovation.  Whether it was the sustainable design of the Olympic medals, the engineering challenges of the torch or the artistic architecture of the podiums, Canada’s creativity shone through. Olympic Medals: The Olympic medals embodied the concept of sustainable design using end-of-life electronics for material procurement. Teck Resources harvested the gold, silver and bronze from circuit boards of old computers melting it down […]
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