Medical Hardware Startup Joylux Granted Two U.S. Patents

Design 1st is excited to announce that long-standing Seattle based client Joylux was granted two US patents for their revolutionary female health device vSculpt.

Image: Joylux Inc. CEO Colette Courtion holding U.S. patents

Design 1st has been working with Joylux for over four years to bring the vSculpt device from concept idea through to prototyping, manufacturing, Health Canada approval and into new markets including Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.

The recent patent news comes on the heels of a $5million Series A funding round Joylux closed in 2018 along with dozens of media mentions including Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Maire Claire.

Moving into 2019 vScuplt is seeking to expand their United States footprint with FDA approval and market efforts to educate females on pelvic floor health.

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