Managing Product Design with Integrated Electronics

electronics product integration CAD

Not so long ago, electronics products were grouped in their own category had their own electronics designer specialists and everyone was quite happy.  Nowadays, with the prevalence of dongles, widgets and gizmos that wirelessly network with smart devices – the autonomous electrical designer has been coerced into working with a mechanical and industrial design team.

This poses a conundrum of sorts – if you start with a top down electrical design approach that defines the size of the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), form factor decisions by the industrial design team are limited. On the other hand, if a top down industrial design approach is chosen - certain design concepts may not be feasible.  These issues may lead to multiple design iterations increasing costs for the client and frustration amongst design teams.

At Design 1st, we have seen client projects with integrated electronics increase five fold over the past 3 years.  From, the We-Vibe ™ 3 with wireless remote, to MyTrak Fitness Monitors and Custom QNX Infotainment Car Concepts electrical mechanical design collaboration has become one of our core strengths.  So when we saw the latest episode of’s “ Product Design Show” confirming the increased trend of integrated electronics in Product Design the light bulb upstairs turned on – you can check-out the episode below:

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