Canadian Designed Mining Technology Equipment

Mining technology is moving fast.

The driving forces are worker safety, equipment monitoring and environmental impact. Companies are innovating in these areas to remain competitive and take advantage of new technologies.

Over the past five years, Design 1st has been helping a variety of companies develop new products for the mining, oil, gas industry. Below are some of our clients.

Image: SkyX Remote Drone Station

1) SkyX: Remote Drone Charging Station

Toronto-basd SkyX is revolutionizing remote drone monitoring for the oil, gas and mining industries with a long-range autonomous 'drone-as-a-service' business. Design 1st helped with the design, engineering and prototyping of the remote charging station.

2) SafeXtract: Connected Underground Mining Safety Helmet

South African based SafeXtract partnered with Design 1st to help bring the dream of a connected miners helmet to life. Features of the helmet include camera, push-to-talk communication, 12 hour battery life, emergency lighting and Wifi connectivity. The purpose was to improve safety of miners when working underground.

Image: Connected mining safety helmet prototype


Image: Pre-production prototype

3) Instantel: Seismic Monitoring for Blasting and Explosions

The Instantel product family of seismographs monitor ground vibration, air and water over pressure created by blasting, demolition, mining and quarrying. Design 1st helped design the rugged enclosure, interface and packaging alongside the Instantel product development team.

4) Momentum: GPS Remote Equipment Monitoring

California based Momeumtum IoT's real-time GPS equipment tracking system includes a miltary grade tracker capable of operating -22° to 170° Fahrenheit. Perfect for the high-impact, rugged mining industry.

Image: GPS Telematics Remote Equipment Monitoring

Image: Rendering of 3D LiDar object detection device

5) Neptec: Rugged Real-Time 3D LiDAD Object Detection

Neptec Technologies’ OPAL™ LiDAR system is being across the globe for a varitey of applications including unmanned autonomous navigation and object detection for large mining equipment. Design 1st helped Neptec develop 3D LiDAR sensors into a miltary grade device that can withstand earth's harshest conditions.

6) Titan: Surface Seismometer Triaxial Accelermoter

The Titan is a force balance triaxial accelerometer that provides exceptional performance over a wide frequency range from DC to 430 Hz. Design 1st helped design the rugged enclosure of Titan to ensure reliable and constant results during operation

seismograph accelerator device

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