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Adding Electronics to Mechanical Product Design

Looking back 10 years, electronics were essentially there own product category, now more so that Now more so than every eletronics are being integrated into more and more products. For companies exisitng companies looking to venture into this product cateogry and new startups looking to build this product it can poses challenages. Especially when firms look for outside help with their product design. For example, this could ha 10 years ago product cateogry all on theire ow now integrated into everything for example, a fridge has to be more than […]
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New Battery Technologies for Hardware Products

Current state of Battery Technology Perhaps the greatest design obstacle for today’s portable devices is to find a source of power that is small, light-weight, long-lasting, durable, and -- of course -- powerful.  Whether the product is a cell phone, an electric car, a We-Vibe, a pacemaker, or any of the scores of devices to which we’ve become accustomed to charging on a regular basis, providing the power required is a challenge.   Moreover, in the design of intelligent personal devices, the task of making the battery unnoticeable to the wearer […]
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Epiphan Systems Launches Cutting-Edge Video Technology

We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside the world leader in high resolution audio/video capture, recording and streaming products – Epiphan Systems over the past year. Today our hard work culminated with the launch of Epiphan’s flagship video device Pearl™ - the first of its kind that can stream and record multiple HD audio-video sources simultaneously. "This is the most advanced and flexible capture, streaming, and recording platform ever produced by Epiphan," said David Kirk, director of product management. "Pearl will be a very appealing solution to our customers in education, healthcare, […]
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Search First – Then Design Your Product

With a world of data at your fingertips, quickly determining if a new product idea is already on the market should be easy and fast. Unfortunately, for many companies, would-be inventors and entrepreneurs harnessing the power of Google for market information and related patent data can be just out of reach. While basic keyword searches and a quick look through Google images may provide easy low hanging data fruit, access to the high value bits takes a little more search skill knowledge. Design 1st has developed our search acumen and business expertise helping inventors […]
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