Search First – Then Design Your Product

With a world of data at your fingertips, quickly determining if a new product idea is already on the market should be easy and fast. Unfortunately, for many companies, would-be inventors and entrepreneurs harnessing the power of Google for market information and related patent data can be just out of reach. While basic keyword searches and a quick look through Google images may provide easy low hanging data fruit, access to the high value bits takes a little more search skill knowledge. Design 1st has developed our search acumen and business expertise helping inventors […]
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Ottawa Personal Trainer with a Product Idea

After meeting Guy Murray for the first time you’re guaranteed to hear at least one product idea. The Ottawa personal trainer embodies the definition of an inventor and has used his ingenuity to create several products over the years. In early 2010, Guy came up with one product idea he knew would take more than elbow grease to bring to life. After contacting several machine shops, engineers and prototype outfits he stumbled across Design 1st online.  Quickly a meeting was setup, budget identified and a team put in place. Over […]
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Managing Product Design with Integrated Electronics

Not so long ago, electronics products were grouped in their own category had their own electronics designer specialists and everyone was quite happy.  Nowadays, with the prevalence of dongles, widgets and gizmos that wirelessly network with smart devices – the autonomous electrical designer has been coerced into working with a mechanical and industrial design team. This poses a conundrum of sorts – if you start with a top down electrical design approach that defines the size of the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), form factor decisions by the industrial design team […]
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Looking Back at CES 2013: Clients, Products & Design

A little over a month ago, the Design 1st team joined various clients down in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show – the largest industry trade-show for techie gizmos, gadgets and products. In previous years, the CES tradeshow has served as a Launchpad for disruptive technology that is common in many households today including, DVD players, satellite radio and flat screen HDTV’.  This year ground breaking innovation were a far cry from year  but the larger than life OLED TV, Vuzix Smart Glasses and InTouch Health’s RP-7i robot doctor didn’t fail to […]
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Four Components for Determining Product Design Usability

It happens all the time. Someone thinks he has a bright idea, and a new consumer product is born. Unfortunately, not every new concept is worth putting on a retail shelf, as illustrated by this 2012 post on the “20 Useless Products No One Should Buy.” So what factors do you need to consider when looking at product usability? Here are four components we recommend.  Reliability  When you pick up a new product, does it work? If not, consumers may think it has malfunctioned or isn’t working as planned. In […]
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Evolution of Product Design Tools

While pencil sketches of product concepts are still a necessity, the evolution of product design software has made a big difference in how we draft, model and present designs to clients. Design 1st uses a variety of leading edge computer-aided design (CAD) tools for engineering simulations, concept development and detailed design. Last week, the folks at "" put together an excellent video demonstrating the evolution of product design tools that we would like to share. Check-it out below:
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