Simplicity and Honesty in Innovative Product Design

Everyone wants innovative product design, but what does innovative even mean? Design can make a product appear new and fresh, but in what ways?Rather than write a long, dull treatise on the history of the word "innovative," let's work backwards and look at individual things that make design innovative.Today we'll talk about two key factors in design innovation: simplicity and honesty. It sounds as if they might mean the same thing, but as always, details are important and make the difference.SimplicitySimplicity means eliminating all the bells and whistles, and beyond […]
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Great Design is Sustainable Design

  "There are professions more harmful than design," wrote Victor Papanek in the 1970s, "but only a few." Papanek – considered the modern father of responsible design – accused designers of “creating whole species of permanent garbage to clutter up the landscape, and by choosing materials and processes that pollute the air we breathe, designers have become a dangerous breed." If this is so, then why not consider social and environmental factors when designing future products? And having done this, why design unsustainable products at all?  100% Sustainability Begins with the Design According […]
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Designing for Visual Impact

A critical component of product design that cannot be overlooked is the reflection of light off a products surface. For architects, light refraction is a major component of designs concepts for bridges, buildings or highway barriers. Varying the position of fold lines, edges, corners can make a seemingly thick and bulky wall look slim and sharp. In similar respect but on a much smaller scale, reflection of light plays into the design of products as well. To get sense of how industrial designer use light to their advantage check-out "The […]
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Deckster iPod Nano Time Pierce: First Class Design Balancing User Experience + Manufacturability

Love watches, music and fashion? And have an iPod® Nano? Check out the Deckster™ - it’s a new, funky, fashionable and sustainable unisex watch strap custom built for Apple’s iPod Nano. The patent-pending Pop+Lock™ System models the functionality of a retro cassette tape deck allowing the Nano to be smoothly inserted into the protective enclosure in one easy, fluid motion to become a stylish multi-functional watch. This iWatch is fashion for the forward set and convenient carrying of the Nano for work, sports and leisure. Design 1st also likes to fast […]
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Client GoldenEar Technology – Success in 2011

 GoldenEar Technologies has concluded their one year anniversary on a high note, picking up two more awards at the 2011 CEDIA EXPO in Indianapolis including the CEPro Best Electronic Technology award and the Residential Systems prestigious RESI award. Both awards recognized GoldenEar’s physical design, with the CEPro focusing on functionality and ease of installation while the RESI award concentrated on industrial design factors including products’ design aesthetics, user-friendliness and originality. These awards add to the 4 previous awards GoldenEar won in 2011 recognizing their high-performance Loudspeaker product line, providing further […]
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