Camera control from an iPad or iPhone combining Bluetooth and Smart Device Technologies

Accessory connects to any compatible digital camera, enables users to remotely control shutter release and embeds GPS location data in picture files automatically and stores it directly on your Apple device

At a Glance

  • One stop shop: from blending the creation of the physical housing of the accessory, to designing to accommodate a multitude of camera bodies and connectors, to delivering the retail packaging.
  • Rapid turnaround: from idea to low cost in house prototype in 2 months.
  • Cost advantage: designed for low cost manufacture, low tool cost over molded, low cost packaging.
  • Costumer satisfaction: product received a Bronze Award in the Electronics category in Appliance Design’s 24th Annual Design Award competition

“The decision to engage with Design 1st to be our design partner was an excellent investment. They had the talent to take our idea, render it, complete the engineering, prototype it, set up manufacturing and work through the physical, ergonomic and aesthetic aspects of both the product and retail package.”

- Derick Cassidy, Founder and CTO, blueSLR





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