Taku Hatch Fan

Innovative high power marine hatch fan delivers fast cool comfort to boaters

Air flow to cool a cabin in under 30 seconds, power efficiency, noise reduction, simple to use and easy to install were achieved

At a Glance

  • Tough design challenges solved: product developed to optimize blade design using Finite element flow analysis, air movement and differentiated through high air flow and fit universality within a confining space using a rotating collar for storage and air flow directionality control.
  • Rapid turnaround: concept to production in under six months
  • Customer satisfaction: award winning product wins 2013 Pittman Innovation Award

“Design 1st’s designers and engineers demonstrated the right creativity and technical understanding, managing the product design and testing process. The result is an award winning product the market has really embraced”

- Mike Tettenborn, Director of Engineering, Caframo Ltd.

Caframo Taku Hatch Fan





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