March Networks: Home Telehealth Unit


Next generation virtual health monitoring device for rural communities.

The Challenge

Develop a fully working production intent prototype unit in time for tradeshow and pilot run in 12 weeks.

The Solution

Build a 3D virtual model combined with bench model testing to ensure a faultless pre-production prototype.


Home Telehealth Unit: Next generation of home health monitoring for rural communities


Design Challenges

Ensure all telefunctions functions were intuitive and easy for patients to use.


Rapid Turnaround

Move the teleheatlh unit from concept to testing and production in under 12 weeks.


Responisble Innovation:

Integrate cutting-edge technology into a usable and predictable product design.


Manufacture Ready:

Design for high-volume manufacturing from the start of project, keeping production costs low.


UI concepts for Telehealth unit

exploded view

Benchmodel testing of telehealth unit for form and function

Pre-production prototype part build of March Telehealth


First volume production unit of March Telehealth Unit

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