Tablo - DVR for Over-the-Air TV

A unique consumer home media experience driving down monthly viewing costs

Tablo delivers consumer user mobility on any device, anytime, anywhere; browse, watch and record free

At a Glance

  • Product concept renderings: moved ideas to real product concepts for investment rounds
  • Design process: compact differentiated product built to address complex thermal and cooling challenges, unique visual LED indicator design
  • Cost benefits: responsibility for the entire physical product design and engineering for high volume production, assisted manufacturing set-up in North America
  • Customer satisfaction: direct customer feedback, social and mainstream media proved extremely positive when competing with Apple, Roku and other TV streaming alternatives

“Design 1st had the expertise to turn a concept into a unique branded look and marketable product that met our high expectations. Their insights into the commercialization process and design and engineering work is reflected in our customer's rave reviews.”

- Grant Hall, CEO Nuvyyo





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